Welcome to the website for the 31st UICR Professional Drivers World Championschip 2018. This year the championschip is organised by Belgium Truckers Club vzw in Gent, Belgium. This website will provide all required information for drivers and visitors, as well as images and videos of the championship itself.

On the same location an event about road safety, especially around busses, trucks and seat belts, is organised.
At the same time we want to put Transport in a positive light, and get poeple to learn the dangers such as a drivers blind spot using visual aids.

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27th September 2018


1st October 2018



Gent - Belgium

The UICR organises every two years a world championship in safety driving for trucks and buses. In order to become a world champion various theoretical and practical tasks have to be solved with as few errors as possible. The aim of the World Cup is the training of professional drivers in safety driving, economic driving and cargo securing.

The UICR believes that trained drivers have better opportunities in professional life and improve the general road safety significantly. To participate at the UICR world championship drivers must regularly pass national championships.